About Boekenhoutskloof

Founded in 1776, Boekenhoutskloof remains located in the extreme and furthest corner or edge of the breath-taking Franschhoek Valley in South Africa. The winery’s name refers to the ravine of a Cape Beech tree indigenous to the area, known as Boekenhout. The tree has always been a prized material making high-quality furniture. 

The venture of Boekenhoutskloof began in 1993 when the homestead and farm got purchased and restored by Marc Kent. He started a planting program to create a new and unique vineyard with modern technologies and superior grapevines. Today, Marc serves as the winery’s owner, with Boekenhoutskloof being one of the oldest in Franschhoek Valley. His vineyards now are entirely planted with Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Viognier, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, and Semillion. It has also seen phenomenal development to become one of the best wine estates in South Africa since 1996. 

Boekenhoutskloof works with and brands its wines with the figurehead of a svelte lady. She serves as an adaptation and personification of a silver hallmark of the early time, representing the Cape of Good Hope. She gets shown carrying the dove of hope and peace. The elegant and slender lady signifies intrinsic quality, a feature and element that Boekenhoutskloof prizes and values above everything else. 

Boekenhoutskloof handles its vineyards with the interest and intention of conserving the unique biodiversity of the land. They remove any alien plants and weeds and implement solely sustainable and organic methods and practices of viticulture.  

Boekenhoutskloof, along with Haut Espoir, serves as one of the founding associates of the Franschhoek Mountain Conservancy. The initiative aims to improve and enhance the conservation of the land in and surrounding the valley. It also works and operates to promote and facilitate cooperation between the neighbouring organisations and agencies of the area and perfect their fire management plans.

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