About Boscarelli

The story and history of Boscarelli began in 1962 with the dreams and aspirations of its founder Egidio Corradi. He aimed to produce a unique wine that could deliver and express the flavours and aromas of his native land, exalting and imparting the distinct elegance he adored and loved. It led him to establish his winery and realise his dreams through it.

Egidio hailed from a Poliziana family residing in Montepulciano commune and hill town in Siena City. He pursued studies in economics and business, acquiring a degree in the same. It led him to spend almost all his life and career as an international broker, working in Milan and Genoa. However, Egidio possessed an infinite love and passion for wine. On top of that, he had immense knowledge of the craft. It compelled him to purchase two semi-abandoned farms in the Cervignano commune. The venture for Boscarelli began there when Egidio started traditionally cultivating the land using various annual crops.

Egidio got joined in his endeavours by Paola, his daughter, and Ippolito De Ferrari, his son-in-law. They worked tirelessly to set up Boscarelli. Such developments brought life anew to the old farm and estate, allowing Paola and her husband to plant specialised vineyards at 3,500 plants each hectare. Today, the winery remains under the ownership and supervision of Nicolò and Luca De Ferrari, Ippolito and Paola’s sons. They work to infuse each wine bottle with the flavours and aromas adored and sought by their grandfather Egidio.

Boscarelli operates with immense respect for nature and the expressions of the diverse grapevine varieties and soils. Thus, the winery provides intensive care to the vinification and viticultural processes to ensure the land does not lose its natural characteristics. It allows each wine produced by Boscarelli to retain a unique complexity and personality.

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