Bosquet des Papes

Bosquet des Papes

About Bosquet des Papes

The winery's owners, the Boirons, have been involved in winemaking for multiple generations. Beginning in 1860, their fifth-great-grandfather, Emmanuel Boiron, made his initial investments in a nearby vineyard. Following in his father's footsteps, Joseph-Victor, then Joseph, his grandson, chose to found the organisation "Clos Chantemerle" in 1936. Each succeeding generation grows the estate in turn, always bearing in mind the need to protect the terroir and uphold excellence. Joseph's son Maurice will not be surpassed and will give the estate true scope by purchasing more than ten hectares before naming it " Bosquet des Papes " in 1966. The 27 hectares of Châteauneuf du Pape are then included in the family legacy. Nicolas and his wife Jeanne-Claire, are still developing and maintaining the farm.

The distribution of the vineyard is as follows; The 3.5 hectares are made up of red and rosé Côtes du Rhône, along with 27 hectares of red Châteauneuf du Pape and the remaining 1.5 hectares of white Châteauneuf du Pape. These are the elements that make up that distinct terroir: red sandstone, rolling stones, sand, etc., over clay-limestone subsoil. Their numerous plots spread out over soils with geological origins back toward the Quaternary epoch. The depth and distinctiveness of their wines are a result of this diversity. They have long chosen to operate as a winery that is steadfastly committed to sustainable farming.

The red and white grapes are first completely hand-picked and then separated for the first time on the trunk where the picker is standing with two buckets. On the top of the tractor that will transport the grapes to the cellar, a second selection of the grapes is made. Following a traditional vinification process, the following phase involves carefully controlling the temperature, raising the musts that are fermenting to give the yeasts enough airflow, and punching the marcs to extract all of the material that is present. Beyond that, the procedure of blending is carried out, which requires time and accuracy. The last process is ageing, which is accomplished by preserving it in a cellar to produce great wine.

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