About Bottega

The premium Italian wine brand was launched as early as 1635. Andrea, considered as the forefather of the Bottega brand, cultivated the first vine in the scenic area of Refrontolo and there was no looking back for the brand after that. Many years later, the Bottega family started taking the company to great heights and held the distinction of bringing many innovations in the wine market- the most famous of them being the introduction of the first ever monovariety grappa.

The Bottega family group entered the distillery business in the 1970s and within a decade came up with a unique distillation technique to reduce the alcohol content in grappa – a move that was loved by wine lovers across the world. Today, this group is known for its red wines, white wines, Prosecco & Sparkling Wines. They have their wineries in the beautiful Italian localities of Treviso, Siena and Verona.

The vineyards of Treviso are proudly considered as the Land of Prosecco, because Bottega’s most prestigious Prosecco and sparkling wines are created from the grapes cultivated in this area. Located amidst castles, rivers, hills and villas, these vineyards produce high quality of Glera grapes because of the high mineral content of the soil here.

The winery in Verona is home to many varieties of indigenous vines such as Rondinella, Molinara, Corvina Veronese and the like. These are used for making unique red wines like the Armano and Ripasso that are loved by wine connoisseurs across the globe.

The winery in Siena is home to the production of Sangiovese grapes that are used to produce Brunello. This is because the soil here is rich in galestro, which means flaky soil. The vineyards are located in a remote hilly area of Siena. Due to the unparalleled beauty of the site, it was regarded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2004.

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