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Brash Higgins

About Brash Higgins

Brash Higgins, based out of Southern Australia, is a creation of Brad Hickey and Nicole Thorpe. Brad, nicknamed "Brash" by Australian pruners, brought his interest in food and wine and the experience of having worked in the US and Australia to the table. Nicole had a vineyard named Omensletter, with Cabernet, Sauvignon, Shiraz varieties of grapes planted in 1997. When the two met in 2007, Australia was reeling under drought, affecting the Omensletter vineyard.

Their journey to Sicily to find a solution for this problem exposed them to other types of grapes, which they brought back and grafted with the local Shiraz grapes. The grapes were then fermented in locally made terracotta vessels. Their first wine, the Nero d'Avola, was launched under the name of Brash Higgins. Their curiosity about viniculture and fermentation techniques led to the creation of Bloom considered the closest imitation of the famous Vin Jaune wines in Australia. Omensletter vineyard is the first vineyard in Australia to adopt amphoras or large terracotta vessels in the winemaking process

Some of the proud products from Brash Higgins include:

2018 'NDV' Nero d'Avola-Amphora: This wine is made with the famous amphora method of winemaking, where bunches of grapes are stored in large terracotta vessels. With a dark ruby color and hints of lavender, stem ginger, vermouth and nori, the wine also contains orange peel that will remind the user of the old-fashioned orange cocktail. The wine's finish is made from fine finished, chain-linked tannins and has a bit of savouriness. 

2019 Riesling/Semillon: Made from Riesling and Semillon in the ratio of 70-30, the 2019 Riesling/Semillon smells of lemon zest, moss, toasted grain, peach kernel and hybrid tea rose. It presents the juiciness of white peach and fresh lime in a silken palate and a mineral finish. The wine's herbal and protein-rich flavors are enhanced by iodine, mineral salts, crushed stone, and alkali.

2020 'Nymph' Nero Rosé: This red wine, made from the Nero d'Avola from the Omensletter vineyard, is dry and has an onion skin-like color. It exudes the aroma of cherry, ginger, nectarine and hybrid-rose tea. The palate is made up of dried cherries and cut ginger notes, with bright acidity and a powdery finish. 

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