Brewer - Clifton

Brewer - Clifton

About Brewer - Clifton

The project and history of Brewer – Clifton remain associated with the story and meeting of its founders, Steve Clifton and Greg Brewer. The two met in 1995 while working on the Santa Barbara Vintners’ Association’s committee meeting. At that time, they remained employed at production jobs at Beckmen and Sunstone, respectively. It allowed Steve and Greg to develop an immediate and intimate friendship that ultimately led to the establishment of Brewer – Clifton after one year. 

During the establishment, Greg, who worked as an assistant winemaker in the Santa Barbara Winery, used his connections to acquire suitable plots in the region. It allowed Brewer – Clifton to set up its vineyards in that place around 1996. The viticultural area and appellation of the Sta. Rita Hills proves an ideal location to grow Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grape varieties. They deliver and provide an appropriate specificity, complexity, and intensity in the produced wines. The high quality of the land gets expressed in the products and commodities of the soil. That is why the wines convey and express their inherent characteristics with uncompromising standards. 

Today, Brewer – Clifton operates with a strict value and philosophy. The winery works with the utmost respect and love for nature. The staff believes that they must maintain and implement a sense and feeling of awareness when working with a product and aspect of nature. They deem the natural phenomena and elements as something outside the realm of complete human control and understanding. For that reason, Brewer – Clifton ensures the sustenance of the optimal sensitivity of nature. In turn, it prevents the undesired degradation of the goals they aim to pursue. They do so by minimising human interference in the various processes and procedures of the winery. Instead, they put in maximum care and attentiveness from the beginning to the end.

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