About Brezza

The history and story of Brezza began in 1885 when the Brezza family operated their winery on the land they purchased in the town and commune of Barolo. The property and wine estate derive their name from the family name. It got named so to pay respect to Giacomo Brezza. In 1910, Giacomo, with Antonio Brezza, his father, bottled and produced their first wine bottle.

The winery and wine estate of Brezza has remained with the Brezza family for over four generations, with the members upholding its traditions and legacy. The staff, owners, and workers work tirelessly, with immense effort, to ensure their wines represent the characteristics and uniqueness of their terroirs and parcels. They believe the best way to do so is by maintaining a harmonious relationship with the land and the planted grapevines. For that reason, the winery has implemented various organic cultivation and viticultural techniques in its parcels and terroirs.

Brezza upholds the philosophy of developing mono-varietal products and caring better for its vineyards’ health. It does so for all its terroirs and parcels. The estate belonging to the winery expands over 31 hectares of land. Among them, 20 hectares remain dedicated as vineyards. Some have a history that date back to 1885. The wines produced and sold by Brezza have Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (DOCG) or Denominazione Origine Controllata (DOC) certification.

Brezza implements periodic thinning and pruning methods and practices in its vineyards. Additionally, the winery uses green manure to enhance the soil’s vitality. The wine estate does not utilise heavy machinery in its fields to prevent a significant impact on the natural qualities and attributes of the land. Instead, it prefers hand-harvesting the ripe fruits and utilising light instruments to reduce soil compactness. It also enables Brezza to operate while consuming less fuel.

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