About Broglia

If you are looking to taste some of the famous, ancient and authentic Italian wines, you have to try the Broglia wines right now. The vineyards of Broglia are the oldest in the Gavi region, as their history dates back to as early as 972AD. The Gavi Village, where the La Meirana wine estate is located, is one of the most significant regions in Piedmont. There is a document to state that the rental lease of this estate was signed on June 3rd, 972, which explains its history!

Initially, white varietals were cultivated here in plenty. However, with the passing of years, the eating and lifestyle habits of the people in Piedmont underwent a sea change. As a result, the original black grapes, known locally as Nibio or Dolcetto, were quickly replaced with the Cortese vines.

Today, the Piedmont region is known for its highly-acidic Cortese vines. These grapes have been used for many years to create some of the premium blanc-de-blanc wines in Piedmont. Broglia introduced its trademark innovation and technology in all the places, such as vineyards, winery and cellars to ensure that the final product is an excellent representation of the terroir of the region.

This wine label partnered with various reputed Italian universities to bring about some fruitful and sophisticated innovation in its practices. The partnerships with the University of Turin and the University of Milan, especially, proved to be extremely useful for this group. Thanks to these brainstorming sessions, Broglia introduced the process of creating a cellar for white wines without actually making use of the chemical, sulphurous anhydride.

Some of the popular Broglia wines are:

  • The Doge – Made from 100% Cortese di Gavi grown on the clayey soils of the Gavi region
  • The Meirana – Made from 100% Cortese di Gavi grown on the clayey-marly soils of the Gavi DOCG
  • Villa Broglia – Made from 100% Cortese di Gavi grown on the clayey-marly soils of the Gavi DOCG

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