About Brokenwood

Considered as one of the best wines crafted from Australia, Brokenwood Wines is a premium wine brand that was established in 1970. Due to its popularity, today, it is one of the must-visit places in Hunter Valley. It was between 1970 and 1972 that three Sydney solicitors, Tony Albert, John Beeston and James Halliday, formed the Brokenwood Wines brand. They first planted their vines in a 10-acre plot located at the backdrop of the Brokenback Ranges.

Within a couple of years the trio, along with the able support of the local farmers and partners, made use of the area’s clean air and excellent soil to produce their first vintage. Their first winery was set up in 1978 and there was no looking back for Brokenwood ever since. It was during this year that six more partners joined the trio and together they acquired the Craveyard Vineyard.

With its heavy clay content, this vineyard ensured that the grapes grown here were full of flavours and character. Brokenwood used this soil to cultivate some of its special Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz varieties. Till today, the Craveyard Vineyard Shiraz is the most popular wine crafted here. The flavour of these fruits makes the reds crafted here, unique and distinct.

In the year 1983, the brand extended its production to whites as well, when it started cultivating the Semillon varietal, considered as the jewel of the Hunter Valley. White wines needed completely different expertise and wine-making equipment. Therefore, in the same year, Brokenwood ensured that it invested in high-quality winery equipment and facilities that enabled it to produce a premium quality of white wine year after year. Today, Brokenwood is known for its flavourful white wines as well. This white wine is named ILR Reserve Semillon. ILR stands for Ian Leslie Riggs, the chief winemaker, the brain behind this white wine.

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