About Brovia

The story and history of Brovia Winery and Estate began in 1863 with its founder Giacinto Brovia. Giacinto established his distinct wine production unit in the village and commune of Castiglione Falletto, located in the heart and middle of the Barolo district. Since its establishment, Brovia Winery has remained under the ownership and management of the Brovia family.

Since the winery’s establishment, the Brovia family has remained renowned for their involvement in grape growing and wine production. However, wine production had to get stopped for almost 30 years due to several events. It included the economic upheaval, two wars, and the phylloxera plague that made it arduous for Brovia Winery to continue production. Nevertheless, the wine estate resumed making and selling wines in 1953 owing to the efforts of Giacinto’s grandsons, Raffaele and Giacinto. The former was a trained agronomist who oversaw the vineyard’s functioning and work. On the other hand, the latter was a trained enologist responsible for managing the wine production operation and processes. Today, Elena, Giacinto’s daughter, and Alex Sanchez, her husband, own and handle Brovia Winery as fourth-generation owners.

The Brovia family has always remained interested in purchasing and acquiring the best vineyards in the region. They concentrated their efforts primarily in Castiglione Falletto, their home village. Nonetheless, the family also expanded their influence to the neighbouring area of Serralunga d’Alba. It allows Brovia Winery to own some of the best Piedmont crus today. For instance, the winery owns Villero, Garblét Sue, and Rocche.

The superior vineyards of Brovia allow for the production and sale of some of the best wines in the region. The plots possess varying soil types, ranging from brittle limestone to heavier clay. It, in turn, promotes and facilitates the growth and development of healthy grapevines bearing sweet, colourful, and juicy fruits.

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