Burn Cottage

Burn Cottage

About Burn Cottage

Burn Cottage is a New Zealand wine estate established in 2002 by the couple, Marquis and Dianne Savage. This family is also the owner of quite a few wine estates, import and wholesale companies across Germany and the USA. Therefore, Marquis and Dianne have many years of rich winemaking experience to their credit.

In a bid to use their experience to bring out the best from the New Zealand terroirs, they set up their 24-hectare vineyard at the base of the Pisa Hills in the Central Otago region. After a lot of contemplation, they chose Central Otago to set up their wine label, because they were very impressed with the quality of the wines created here, especially in the regions of Gibbston Valley and Felton Road.

Since 2002, the Savage family has been using biodynamic techniques in the farm here to create fruits without interfering with their natural growth and ripening process. The winemaking team here focuses on improving the quality of the different plots with unique soil qualities, as this would automatically improve the overall quality, maturity and intensity of the grapes produced here.

Sulphur, cultured yeasts, chemical fertilisers and other harsh products with toxic chemicals aren’t used in the farm here. The fruits are hand-picked and only selected fruits are sent to the further processing stages. The grapes are sorted according to the blocks where they are grown, and they are processed separately in the future stages. This allows the wines to create the true character of the block where the fruits were grown.

The most popular wine from this label is:

Moonlight Race – Considered to be the flagship wine of this label, this wine is made from 100% Pinot Noir grown in the Burn Cottage Vineyard (38%), Northburn Vineyard (49%) and Cox Family Vineyard (13%). The vines are planted at around 300m above sea level for this wine.’

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