By Farr - Irrewarra

By Farr - Irrewarra

About By Farr - Irrewarra

Located in the middle of the country of Western District Farming, By Farr-Irrewarra lies in a bountiful area about 150 kilometres to the southwest of Melbourne. The vineyards had been planted and managed by the Calvert family since 2001. Currently, the winery deals with and handles six acres of Pinot Noir and two acres of Chardonnay. 

By Farr-Irrewarra aims to bring wines to various people all across the world from afar. This goal of the winery reflects in its name as the aboriginal word “Irrewarra” means “long spear throw.” It is not an unimaginable feat for By Farr-Irrewarra owing to the nature-blessed location where their vineyards are. 

The vineyards owned by By Farr-Irrewarra lie at the top of the slope that faces the Calvert Lough and the Salt Lake. The site gets characterised by its excellent fruit expression accompanied by a deceptively extended and mineral-filled palate. The soil and air get enhanced equally. It can get owed to the numerous volcanic plains and land lakes that surround the vineyards. 

The soil of the vineyards and across the slope consists of a mixture of sandy clay loam, brown loam, quartz gravel, and buckshot. Additionally, the area receives and relies on a high amount and quantity of natural rainfall of about 885mm to bless the land all year round. For this reason, the soil remains moist throughout. The damp earthiness adds to the flavour of the grown grapes. 

The Western plains have other factors that help enhance the quality, aroma and taste of the grapes. For example, the altitude and winds that blow through the land act as significant factors. That is why the wines produced by By Farr-Irrewarra can deliver the essence of their source or origin. They bring with them a sense of belonging and an expression of vivid emotions.

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