Ca' dei Frati

Ca' dei Frati

About Ca' dei Frati

Though a mention of the Ca Dei Frati community can be traced back to as early as 1782, the wine label was officially established during 1939. It was during this time that Felice Dal Cero shifted to a cellar in Lugana found in the district of Sirmione in Italy. His son Pietro took the legacy forward in 1969 when he created the first wine under the Casa Dei Frati label, later renamed as Ca dei Frati. Today this label is managed by his wife and children very efficiently.

The grapes for the wines are cultivated in the brand’s own vineyards located in Lugana di Sirmione and the areas surrounding San Martino della Battaglia. The Luxinum vineyard located in Valpolicella is of 11 hectares and it has been newly added to the family’s collection.

Some of the popular wines created by this label are:

I Frati

This is the flagship wine of Ca Dei Frati and it is made from 100% Turbiana grapes, which is an indigenous varietal. This wine is known for its fruity/floral accents and rich mineral content. These grapes grow well on limestone-clay soil and are vinified in steel vats. Fine lees are used for fermentation where the wines are allowed to stay on for at least 6 months.

Rosa dei Frati

Groppelo, Marzemino, Sangiovese and Barbera grape varietals are used for creating this wine. If you are in the mood for drinking a light, fresh and graceful type of wine, this could be the ideal choice for you. You cannot miss the aroma of the hawthorn flowers, green apple and cherry that this wine emanates.


The native vine of Turbiana is used for making this wine. It has a fruity taste of apples and peaches; however, it is also known for its acidic nature and strong elegance. Barriques are used for carrying out malolactic fermentation while producing these wines. 

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