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Ca' Morlin

About Ca' Morlin

If you want to taste the highest quality of Prosecco wines at an affordable price, you have to try your hands on the ones created by Ca’ Morlin. Based out of the Venetian region of Treviso in Italy, this wine label was established in 1994 by Andrea Morlin. Morlin created his own Prosecco after his search for a good-quality Prosecco at a pocket-friendly price ended in vain.

Morlin and his team set out to make their own Proseccos, which are quite popular today. These grapes are fresh, soft, tasty and affordable. The characteristics of these Proseccos were definitely far more superior and elegant than what you found in the other regions of Italy. At the vineyards, Morlin and his fellow winemaker, ensure that they harvest the Proseccos at the right time to maintain the quality of the final product.

Currently, 12 hectares in Asolo have been earmarked for growing these Proseccos. Morlin and his team have a close watch on the Glera grapes grown for Proseccos on this vineyard. These grapes are delicately aromatic. Therefore, they need to be treated with care at the wineries to ensure that these aromatic features aren’t diluted.

In the winery, the grapes go through a cool-fermentation process first, to retain the aromatic nature of the fruits. Then, they undergo two stages of fermentation in stainless steel tanks set to a certain degree of temperature. The frizzante or sparkling wine is the one that is bottled immediately after the second fermentation. This bottling happens under high pressure; therefore, the frizzante is not as sugary as you would find in other labels.

The other variety of wine that is made here is the spumante. This is more fruity, fresher and softer than the frizzante varietal. Prosecco, grown in Asolo, Valdobbiadene and Conegliano, is currently used for making Ca’ Morlin Wines.

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