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Cade Winery

About Cade Winery

Cade Winery began as a shared vision and dream of three individuals. It included John Conover, Gordon Getty, and Gavin Newsom. The three wished to establish and manage an estate vineyard that could complement and express the terroir of PlumpJack Estate Winery’s valley floor. Their goals and aspirations came true and into reality through the establishment of Cade Winery in 1005. John, Gordon, and Gavin set up the wine estate at an elevated height, covering 54 acres of land on Howell Mountain’s slopes.

Since its establishment, John, Gordon, and Gavin have put in their tireless and selfless efforts to grow Cade Winery and increase its fame and name globally. It began by incorporating and utilising state-of-the-art technologies in most processes and workings within the winery. They did so with the aim and ambition to pay tribute and respect to the land through various ecological and aesthetic steps and methods. The three’s commitment increased over time, leading to the implementation of different and distinct policies and practices with the winery that put the environment and the surroundings as the top priority. Thus, Cade Winery follows a sustainable and organic approach to viticulture, vinification, and cultivation across all its vineyards and wine cellars.

The winery owned and managed by Cade Winery has a contemporary and beneficial design. It reduces the impact and detrimental environmental effects and allows it to blend with nature. Every detail put into the winery and the vineyards help bring out the unique and distinct characteristics and attributes of the region’s terroirs through the produced wines. Thus, the drinks and products of Cade Winery possess an elegance and personality that cannot get replicated anywhere else. In addition, the wines’ prominent and distinctive taste, aroma, colour, and mouthfeel appeal to numerous people, leaving them demanding more in almost every instance.

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