About Cambria

Founded in 1986, Cambria got established by Jess Jackson, a famous wine icon and Barbara Banke, his wife. The winery features and follows a powerful consistent system where the female workers and populace hold the positions of leadership and activity. They believe that women have a better eye for attention, details, and discerning the required parameters involved throughout the processes. As such, the couple’s daughters Julia Jackson and Katie Jackson, drawn to the beauty of winemaking, continue and manage the family’s business in recent times. A winemaker named Jill, who joined in June 2017, helps them in their endeavour.  

The Cambria Estate Winery lies at the foothills from where the Santa Maria Bench’s valley floor rises. The Jackson family has managed to farm passionately and sustainably in the estate for 30 years. Today, it is still possible due to the keen industrial knowledge and business sense owned by Barbara Banke. Additionally, Katie Jackson’s passion for the land and its sustainability and Julia’s dedication to community empowerment and creative backbone enhance and promote the success story of Cambria. 

Sustainability is an essential factor that Cambria strictly follows and respects. Acknowledging it for generations after generations, the workers at the winery take care of the watersheds, communities, and wildlife indigenous to Santa Maria. Since the elements form an integral part of the place’s present, past, and future, they ensure that no harm befalls them. They incorporate methods and processes of composting, pest management, water conservation, habitat restoration, and rotating crops for sustainable farming and cultivation.  

The four vineyards owned by Cambria enjoy the perfect combinations of air movement, sunlight, elevation levels, and fog and condensation. They promote and enhance the growth and development of the grapevines. These elements create distinct and different characteristics of the wine for varied taste, flavour, and aroma.

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