Campbells of Rutherglen

Campbells of Rutherglen

About Campbells of Rutherglen

Campbells of Rutherglen, Australia, has a history spanning 150 years. It all started in 1870, and all along the way, it has been about determination, tenacity, and evolution, all aimed at building on the generation experience in the past and deep innovation dedication. The company has made great strides since its inception, which have led to the company that stands today. 

It all started when John Campbell sailed to Australia in 1869. John got to Rutherglen to dig for gold and found himself on Bobbie burns lead. In 1868, John picked 79 acres that adjoined Bobbie burns lead, where he planted vines in a small area. 

In 1870, Campbell's wine was established when John Campbells made his first vintage. The Bobbie burn homestead was built as a replacement of the first house john had set up, which is still standing today next to the winery. In the same year, a cellar was built. At this time, Bobbie burns vineyard of brown muscat, Riesling, malbec, Pedro Ximenez, and shiraz had grown and now stood at 38 acres which formed a part of the 3273 acres of vines. 

In the years that followed, Campbells received prizes for his wine. There was a decline in production when phylloxera aphid attacked the vineyard. At his death in 1908, 87 acres in the vineyard were in decline, and David and his wife took over. They replanted the vineyard with vines that were resistant to phylloxera and started replacing the wine stocks. 

Even though the company faced many tragedies and years of decline, which sometimes led to diversification to save the estate, Campbells of Rutherglen stood. Presently, the company has been in operation for over 150 years, and with the experience they have had over the years, the full flavours of the region have been captured. Five generations have been involved in the running of the business, and the commitment to quality and hands on approach has helped the company grow to world-class recognition with numerous awards over the years.

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