About Campogrande

Campogrande is situated in Orvieto classico in DOC appellation Umbria. The historical area has some of the best vineyards that interpret the typicality and elegance within the region that has been highly acclaimed for producing some of the finest white wines. In 2021, the season started with mild weather in winter, and the precipitation was limited. The dry conditions remained all through spring, and the temperatures were higher than the average, which caused bids to break early. Over summer, the weather remained dry and sunny, promoting the grapes' early maturity. A storm at the end of summer relieved the grapes from water stress allowing the Procanico di and Grechetto to ripen optimally while maintaining the aromatic profiles and freshness. 

Campogrande uses Grechetto and Procanico grape varieties, and they are harvested separately. After the harvest, they are taken to the cellars for destemming and pressing. They chill them to 10 degrees to help with natural clarification of the flavour. After this, they are transferred to stainless steel ranks, where the temperature is controlled to allow alcoholic fermentation at a temperature not over 18 degrees Celsius until they are bottled. 

Orvieto is a historical area and has been popular for the production of great-tasting grapes. The result is great white wines that bear pleasant and intense fruity sensations. The history dates to 1946 when the Antinori family created and released their very first wine bearing the Santa Cristina name. Santa Cristina has since been recognised in terms of value and quality in the area. A dedicated winery was set up in 2006 in Tuscany. The estate has grown, and the range has grown incredibly with roses and reds from Tuscany and whites made in Umbria. This makes the location of the winery quite ideal. 

The grapes used in the winery are from the Orbiero Classico appellation. This encompasses the entire area around the alluvial cliff. This is where Orvieto city is located. 

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