Cantina Diomede

Cantina Diomede

About Cantina Diomede

The story and origin of Cantina Diomede began with the tale of Diomede, the ancient Homeric hero. He made a name for himself with his participation and merits in the Trojan War. History dictates that Diomede established the Canosa province, earlier known as Canusium. Legend says that he came to the Puglia region in Italy and utilised the stones from the broken walls in defeated cities to demarcate his conquered lands. 

Diomede marked his fields and planted grapevines that he brought with him there. He took care of the plants and cultivated them carefully until the Apulian grape variety of Uva di Troia sprouted. The winery of recent times, Cantina Diomede, receives inspiration from this story of ancient times. On top of that, it lies in the middle of where Diomede’s camp of field used to stand. 

Cantina Diomede operates in a highly systematic and methodological way by separating its working and structures into two sectors. The first one is the commercial aspect used for producing red, rosé, and white wines. On the other hand, the second sector functions and works to produce limited quantities of wines acquired from specific grapevines. The varied soil composition of the vineyards, having limestone and clay, allow for it. They make for the best ingredients to develop a suitable and perfect combination of minerality, freshness, and flavours. 

Overall, Cantina Diomede uses cutting-edge technologies and techniques in its winery. Nevertheless, it maintains a robust reference and connection to local traditions and practices of winemaking. The common factor lies in Cantina Diomede’s respect and love for nature. Thus, the winery operates carefully to prevent any damage to the environment. The vineyards of Cantina Diomede had been under the Masciulli and Lenoci families since 1903. Since then, they have followed the commands and various elements of nature.

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