Cantina Mesa

Cantina Mesa

About Cantina Mesa

The Cantina Mesa Italian wine brand was acquired by the Santa Margherita Wine Group during 2017. However, the founder of Cantina Mesa, Gavino Sanna is still an important stakeholder in the deal. Cantina Mesa wines are made from authentic Sardinian grapes cultivated on the 70-hectare vineyards found in Sulcis-Iglesiente, in the southwestern part of Sardinia.

Known as the hidden gem of Italy, Cantina Mesa wines are created with the sole objective of reflecting the authentic flavours and aroma of the soils of Sardinia. Surrounded by hill slopes, the vineyards are blessed with a rich soil quality and favourable climate, which help it to produce distinct Sardinian grape varietals. 

The Sant’Anna Arresi region is the biggest part of these vineyards and you will see that the fruits grown here have an influence of the sea winds that the place is blessed with. Though the vines across the 70 hectares of vineyards are located in various terroirs, they are trained in specific styles to suit the terroirs where they belong to.

The Mesa winery is a majestic white building that is located in the valley of Porto Pino, surrounded by scenic hill tops. Located in the green shrublands of the Mediterranean, this winery is the place where the grapes are treated in such a way that their full flavours are retained. The huge glass walls give you a sneak-peak of the traditional & modern winemaking process that happens inside the huge three-storey place here.

While the destemming process happens in the first floor, the fermentation happens in the floors below. The fruits are allowed to naturally precipitate in vats, before they are moved to concrete tanks placed deep inside the ground for maturing.

The Cantina Mesa wines are classified into different categories such as Dream, Desire, First and Incanto. Each of these wines are simple yet powerful, reflecting the soul of the winery where they are processed.

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