Cantina Santadi

Cantina Santadi

About Cantina Santadi

In the year 1960, a group of local grape growers got together to establish a winery known as the Cantina Santadi right in the heart of Sulcis district. The grape growers started doing cooperative winemaking business here. Until the 1980s, the main job of this winery was to produce bulk wine and sell the same to the world.

In the 1970s, the management of this winery came under the control of Antonello Pilloni, who is still the Chairman of this place, to date. Under this leadership, international wine experts joined the winery to take it forward to many stages. Today, the winegrowers, marketers, winery workers and the management committee work as one single unit to make high-quality bottled wines, for which the label is known for across the globe.

Though the primary focus is on the flagship red varietal of carignano, the brand also focuses on producing some of the best white varietals such as Vermentino, nuragus and Nasco, the local treasures of Sardinia. The wines created using these local varietals have a rich aroma and taste. They also have the perfect balance of acid elements, alcohol and fresh tannins in them, which make them unique and refreshing at the same time.

Before the grapes get delivered to the winery, they are carefully analysed and sorted, because this brand believes that the quality of the fruit determines the ultimate quality of the bottled wine. The white varietals are softly pressed before being fermented in stainless steel tanks in the winery.

The red varietals carefully de-stemmed before the must is sent to the next process of fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Here, depending on the varietal of red grape used, the maceration process (with the skin on) and pumping over the cap processes happen. All of these are done to retain the original flavour & character of the fruit.

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