Cantine Belisario

Cantine Belisario

About Cantine Belisario

The Cantine Belisario cooperative vineyards are spread across 300 acres, and they are located in the Matelica DOC in Marche, Italy. You can find 24 vineyards in these 30o hectares. Though the Belisario group had a very humble beginning when it started in 1971, it grew up to become the largest producer of Verdicchio wine in the Matellia DOC. The vineyards are located quite close to each other and to the cellar as well to make the process of winemaking as simple as possible.

24 hectares of these vineyards are exclusively used for biodynamic viticultural practices. In the year 2002, Belisario was awarded the ISO 9001 certification for making great wines from biologically harvested grapes in this area. The labels of the wine bottle are clearly demarcated to show the harvest time and maturing time of the grapes used to make them. 

The packaging and bottling of the Belisario wines are done in a thermo-controlled room in a very sterile environment to ensure utmost safety. With a large number of vineyards under its control, you will notice that each label of the Belisario brand has its own vineyard assigned to it. The two main brands of this group are Belisario and Poggio. 

The terroir of the Alta Valle Esina is blessed with micro-climate that helps the grapes mature naturally and become full-bodied. Belisario is the brand mostly used for catering purposes and creating vintage wines. Poggio Alle Rondini is the brand that is associated with mass distribution. The Belisario group is very particular about satisfying the needs of the wine lovers who buy its brand of wines. 

The popular Verdicchio di Matelica wines from the Belisario wines are:

  • Cambrugiano – Verdicchio grapes go through the process of cryomacceration
  • Meridia – Grapes go through the traditional white vinification process
  • Vineyards B – Made from Verdicchio clone grapes 

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