Cantine Pellegrino

Cantine Pellegrino

About Cantine Pellegrino

Since 1880, Pellegrino have cultivated the best Sicilian grapes, and today represent a reality of great tradition and experience on the island. Over the last 135 years they have acquired a deep knowledge of their territory, of the methods of cultivating native vines, and the best techniques to vinify their grapes.

Having reached the seventh generation, the Pellegrino family are still fully involved in both the vineyard and winery. A long family history of respect, care and dedication, make it one of the greatest families of Sicilian Wine today.

The Pellegrino vineyards are located in the westernmost part of Sicily where the intense light, dry climate, fresh soils and winds from the south create ideal conditions for quality wine production.

Pellegrino are committed to safeguarding the territory in which they operate and cultivate their grapes exclusively with organic methods.  

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