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Carmel Road

About Carmel Road

Established in 1997, Carmel Road is a highly reputed winery in The United States of America. The wine estate is a part of the renowned Jackson Family Wines, set up to produce wines that could express and deliver Monterey’s unique and distinct flavour profile. The winery remains known for its outstanding and world-class Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Each wine produced and sold by Carmel Road captures and offers the unforgettable and remarkable essence of California’s coastal parcels and terroirs.

Carmel Road’s founders got drawn into the region owing to its excellent microclimate that promotes and facilitates the growth of superior grapevines. It entails beneficial evening fog and cool and refreshing sea breezes. They provide the ideal climate for cultivating and harvesting vines. It, in turn, allows the winery to obtain high-standard yields that help produce world-renowned wines. In addition to that, the vineyards have alluvial gravel-type soil with excellent drainage features. It enables the planted grapevines to access more nutrients and water and develop adequately.

Carmel Road owns and manages several vineyards spread across Monterey’s Salinas Valley. They enjoy different and distinct altitude, soil, and exposition conditions. Nonetheless, all the parcels and plots are exceptionally superior, delivering complexity and elegance to the produced wines. On top of that, the excellence of Carmel Road’s vineyards is also thanks to the viticultural and cultivation techniques employed and incorporated by the wine estate. The winery implements sustainable farming practices and methods in its fields. It does so primarily to preserve the natural attributes and characteristics of the land.

The significant temperature differences between the day and night allow the grapes to retain a unique flavour. It, in turn, enables the produced wines to acquire a perfect balance between acidity and tannin. Thus, the wines produced by Carmel Road are perfectly balanced in taste and flavour.

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