Casa E. Di Mirafiore

Casa E. Di Mirafiore

About Casa E. Di Mirafiore

The tale of the reputed Italian winery Casa E. Di Mirafiore began in 1878 when Emanuele Alberto Guerrieri, Italy’s first King’s son, established the winery. He utilised his Fontanafredda and Barolo estates to set up the wine estate. As a farmer-entrepreneur, Emanuele showed immense dedication to developing wines with a modern touch. In addition, he implemented his oenological skills and knowledge to grow and increase the scale of the winery. Under Emanuele’s guidance and supervision, the wine production saw innovative turns. Nonetheless, consistent attention to quality remained.

Although the winery’s production scale and fame decreased around the early 1920s due to several unforeseen circumstances, Casa E. Di Mirafiore is one of Italy’s most reputed and well-known wineries today. It sticks strictly to its traditional winemaking style and craft to make and sell high-quality and world-class wines that appeal to thousands of people all across the globe. For instance, the vinification process follows a rigorous and refined Piedmontese tradition to ensure the best results. Nevertheless, Casa E. Di Mirafiore takes a contemporary approach whenever necessary to optimise and improve its existing procedures and systems.

Casa E. Di Mirafiore functions and operates with respect for nature and its attributes. The winery aims to achieve and deliver the utmost balance, precision, and elegance through its wines. It believes it is possible only when there is a deep connection between the grapevines and their terroirs or land of origin. The wine estate pays careful attention to the parcels and vineyards to ensure it.

On top of that, Casa E. Di Mirafiore implemented an organic harvest method to retain the land’s natural characteristics. The winery does not use any synthetic products to ensure maximum sustainability in its fields. Such an approach allows the wine estate to produce wines possessing and delivering exceptional quality and standard.

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