Castello di Verduno

Castello di Verduno

About Castello di Verduno

The story and history of Castello di Verduno start in the 1500s, at the start of the 16th century. It began when the Cerrato family initiated the construction of the Castle. In 1585, the entire estate got donated by Senatore Bernardino Scozia to Benedetto Cerrato, the Consignore of Verduno. 

In 1631, the government passed the Treaty of Cherasco. Thus, Castello di Verduno had to get handed over to the jurisdiction and management of the House of Savoy.  After that, Castello di Verduno changed hands multiple times. In 1633, the Rachis family from the commune and town of Racconigi acquired the winery from the Scozias. 

In 1737, the then-owner of Castello di Verduno had to sell every property under his ownership to Carlo Luigi Caisotti. Carlo put in immense efforts to rebuild a portion of the Castle following a Juvarr design. In 1799, Carlo Giuseppe Caisotti let go of his property located in Verduno. He divided them into equal parts and bestowed them to the Carità and San Giovanni hospitals situated in Turin. 

In 1838, the Castle of Verduno got purchased from the two institutions by the Savoy King Carlo Alberto. He entrusted the functioning and management of the wine cellar and estate to General Carlo Staglieno. After that, Paolo Francesco Staglieno, the ‘Oenotechnician General,’ follows the methods and practices proposed by Giulia Falletti Colbert. It allowed him to vinify the Nebbiolo grapes of the region and lay the foundation for the production of the modern Barolo.

The Burlotto family acquired Castello di Verduno in 1909 and the estate from its previous owner, the House of Savoy. In 1953, a portion of the property got converted to accommodate a hotel. On the other hand, its wine cellars underwent repairs and restorations to ready them for the production of Verduno and Barolo.

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