About Cesconi

Located in the northern part of Italy, close to the historic Pressano hills, the Cesconi wine estate is a family-owned wine label. For many years, this family has been trying to explore the potential of the soil quality and terroir of this region to create wines that taste authentic and special. 

The areas of Pressano and Sarca Valley, where the 20 hectares of vineyards are located, are very different from each other in terms of climate and soil type. However, the one common factor that connects them is that the fruits grown here are rich, historical and true representations of the terroirs.

With the vines planted all over the complex terroirs of Trentino, you can only expect the grapes to be special and intense like nowhere else.  Pressano, where the vines are planted at a height of 300m above sea level, is blessed with a continental climate that favours the cultivation of white varietals. The fertile & mineral-rich soil found here makes it ideal for growing some unique white varietals such as Sauvignon, Pinot Bianco, Traminer Aromatico, Nosiola, Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio. The only red varietal that you will find here is the Lagrein.

The Pivier and Prabi Vineyards are influenced by the lake winds that keep flowing all through the wind. The cool climate prevailing in this place makes it ideal for growing a lot of olives and Mediterranean grape varietals.  The places where the soils are loose are used for cultivating white varietals such as Riesling and Manzoni Bianco. At other places of the vineyards where is a heavy dominance of clay in the soil, red varietals such as Merlot and Cabernet Franc are grown. 

Over the years, the family has slowly started practicing biodynamic winemaking techniques in the vineyards and winery, to keep intervention as minimal as possible. The professional and experienced winemaking team at Cesconi know the terroirs inside out, which is a huge blessing, indeed!

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