About Chakana

Located in Agrelo, Lujan de Cuyo in the Mendoza region of Argentina, Chakana Wine Estate is a family-owned winery that was established in 2002. The Chakana vineyards stretch across 80 hectares, where organic and biodynamic viticultural practices take place to date. Some of the grapes for Chakana wines are also grown in the Altamira region of Uco Valley (also known as Ayni) and Los Cedros.

In a bid to be true to the soils of the region, the family wanted to transform its winemaking practices. It started introducing many organic and biodynamic techniques in the vineyards. By 2016, the family-owned winery had got the relevant certifications to practice as an organic and biodynamic winery.

In most Argentinian buildings that stretch from the Quito to the Mendoza, you can find a unique symbol – the square-shaped cross. This cross is known as the Chakana in the local dialect. Over the years, the Chakana became to be known as a powerful word with important spiritual elements that denote the three features of life – soil, air and water. Therefore, this estate was labeled Chakana to show its respect to the land and the terroirs of the Andes regions.

Minimal intervention is the mantra followed at the wineries of Chakana. Fermentation happens with the help of natural yeast, and the use of sulphur dioxide and other additives have kept as minimal as possible. Porous materials like cement barrels are used for ageing, so that the juice represents the true elegance and character of the fruit.

Finca Nuna in Agrelo – Stretches across 150 hectares, out of which 120 hectares are under the vine; Malbec is the main varietal planted here; however, you can also see small parcels of other varietals like Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat. Viiognier and more. 

Finca Ayni in Uco Valley – Stretches across 36 hectares out of which 26 hectares are under the vine. Malbec is planted on 20, Chardonnay on 4 and Pinot Noir on 2 hectares.

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