About Chamonix

The historical Huguenot Estate, which goes back to 1688, previously included the Cape Chamonix Wine Farm. Chamonix has sprung into the international wine scene during the past 20 years as a well-respected winery in its own right, now operating under the guidance of German-born businessman Chris Hellinger. Under his leadership, the estate has experienced significant development and now provides tourists with a wide range of dining and entertainment options in breathtaking settings. All at Chamonix is performed with affection, passion, and an unwavering dedication to quality, from the sheltered Forest Lodge overlooking the picturesque Franschhoek Valley to the reputed Arkeste restaurant, the various facilities to the broad range of fine wines, spirits, and other delights on offer.

In the centre of South Africa's Western Cape region, high above the lush Franschhoek valley is a wine estate unlike any other. Chamonix has about 123 acres planted with vineyards, some of the most in the Cape Winelands. Their farm enjoys refreshing breezes throughout the sweltering summer months. Because it rains more in winter than in summer, the area has a warmer temperate climate than the rest of the country. Even the rocky, clay-rich soil is perfect for raising healthy grapes that will provide superb wine. Together, these elements give their wines a distinctive personality and character that are well-known worldwide.

Being purists, the winery owners have always believed that nature should be the main winemaker to create a wine with authentic character and good taste. Their secret ingredients include an emphasis on minimal involvement and ecologically friendly farming practices. All the grapes are hand-selected, and they produce the wine using traditional techniques like natural fermentation and no acidification. The soil is replenished with organic mulch and composting, while green harvesting is used to prevent overproduction in the vines. They like collaborating with nature to produce distinctive wines that reflect their respect for the environment.

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