Champagne Bernard Remy

Champagne Bernard Remy

About Champagne Bernard Remy

The story of Champagne Bernard Remy began in 1968 with its founder, Bernard Remy. In 1968, Bernard purchased a few grapevines for the first time from his village. A few years later, he began to sell the cuvées he made on the French market. In 1983, Bernard finally decided to build a cellar and produce his distinctive wines. It gave rise to his journey and fame in the wine industry. 

In 1986, Bernard purchased three additional hectares of land. He did so with the aim and intention of enlarging and growing the scale of his vineyards. It allowed his production to triple in size. In 1990, 1997, and 2008, Bernard expanded the cellar area. The investment served its due share of benefits as well. It allowed the wine to age, developing its taste, flavour, texture, and aroma in the best possible conditions. Bernard’s son, Rudy, joined him in his work and venture in Champagne Bernard Remy in 1996. In 2008, he took over from his father and started overseeing and managing the winery. 

Today, Champagne Bernard Remy produces high-quality wines that express the characteristics of the soil of their origin. The winery picks each grape by hand during the harvest season to preserve its natural quality. In addition to that, the process moves forward by following each plot in sequence. It ensures the perfect maturity of the fruits. 

The vineyards of Champagne Bernard Remy receive optimum sun exposure and a strictly-controlled water supply owing to the chalky soil of the land. It allows for slow ripening and maturation of the grapes. 

The conditions help the wine acquire desirable finesse and elegance. It stands true for its aroma, flavour, and taste. On top of that, they achieve an exceptional balance between sweetness and acidity. It guarantees the freshness of the wines.

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