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Champagne Collet

About Champagne Collet

The Champagne region in France is known for its diverse range and qualities of crus. Champagne Collet, popular for its cocktails and aperitifs, is an example of the elegance of the wines produced in Champagne. The Champagne House, popularly known as Maison Collet, has been producing unique, elegant and authentic champagnes since 1921. This brand boasts of a proud and impressive list of clientele, which includes some of the popular wine connoisseurs and critics in the world.

Every single cuvee created in this part of the region is designed to give you a wholesome gastronomic experience. This is because they are created to form excellent pairings for even the most sophisticated dishes. The origins of Champagne Collet can be traced back to the riots caused in the region during 1911. To protect the rights of the winegrowers of this region, the Champagne Producers Union was formed in 1921. This was set up in the Grand Cru village in the Ay region, which is where Champagne Collet is now located.

A visit to Maison Collet will take you to the 1920s artistic style and patterns, with Deco-inspired visuals. The popular champagne ranges created at Maison Collet are the following:

Cceur De Gamme Range

  • Brut
  • Demi Sec
  • Brut Rose
  • Millesime

Premier Cru Range

  • Brut Art Deco
  • Extra Brut
  • Blanc de Blancs
  • Blanc de Noirs

Collection Privee Range

  • Brut Vintage
  • Meunier Veilles Vignes
  • Rose Dry Espirit

Couture Range

  • Espirit Couture

Today, Champagne Collet is one of the best brands in France. It produces great wines that recognise the value of the terroirs of the Champagne region. The Villa Collet, where the first director of Champagne Collet, Raoul Collet, is a museum that wine lovers and art lovers can never get enough of.

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