Chan de Rosas

Chan de Rosas

About Chan de Rosas

Chan de Rosas, located in the autonomous community and region of Galicia, is one of the most renowned wineries in Spain. The wine estate combines the traditional methods and techniques of Albariño winemaking and vinification with several small-scale yet independent growers. The staff and workers work across various vineyards owned by Chan de Rosas in the middle of the Salnés Valley. They remain spread across Rias Baixas, in the subzone of Condado de Tea and Salnés region.

The story of Chan de Rosas began with the venture and dreams of its owner, Marcos Lojo. Marcos spent over 20 years working and gaining experience and knowledge in several top estates located in Rias Baixas. Today, he is known as one of the most skilled and knowledgeable winemakers and producers in the wine industry in Spain. Marcos Lojo remains held in exceedingly high regard in the field. It has even allowed him to secure a teaching position at the Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, one of Spain’s most prestigious and reputed universities.

The vineyards owned and managed by Chan de Rosas have an extensive history of almost 70 years ago. The parcels remain spread across Padrenda, A Pedreira, A Carabuxeira, Lores, Castrelo, and Cabeza de Boi. The plots receive adequate rainfall and sunlight exposure that promotes the growth and harvest of high-quality grapevines. Furthermore, the region’s soil type, formed by granitic rock decomposition, allows the vines to obtain ample nutrients, enabling the winery to get juicy and sweet grapes.

The wines produced by Chan de Rosas deliver a perfect balance between natural crisp acidity and ripeness. They possess a distinct character and elegance that make them well-loved by numerous consumers and wine enthusiasts. The drinks hold a subtle nature that allows them to go and pair well with most dishes and cuisines.

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