Charles Heidsieck

Charles Heidsieck

About Charles Heidsieck

The Charles Heidsieck Wine group was established in 1851 though it became a part of the EPI group since 2011. Set up in the famous wine-rich areas of Reims in the Champagne area of France, the Charles Heidsieck brand is known for its high quality of vintage and non-vintage wines. It is also currently the smallest of the Grand Marques Champagne Houses. The champagne made by this group became so popular that Charles Heidsieck became highly popular as Champagne Charlie.

The vineyards of the Charles Heidsieck House are spread across the areas of Marne and Aube. He started buying grapes from these individual farmers and used his own innovative and modern style to blend and age the groups. These techniques helped the house to craft a very high quality of champagne, which is unique to this region.

In the year 1867, Charles ventured into winemaking in great detail as he acquired historical chalk quarries to identify innovative wine maturation techniques. These cellars are so ancient and contain such a rich history that they were included as part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. The wines, vineyards and cellars of this house enabled it to produce world-class wines that earned the loyalty of quite a lot of royal families.

Some of the famous wines crafted by this brand are the Brut Reserve, Rose’ Reserve, Brut Millesime, Blanc de Blancs and more. The grape varietals that are used for these wines are quite different and unique from other varieties because of the soil quality and the temperature of this region. The Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier are known for their freshness, purity, structure, generosity, character and flavour. Due to the fullness of these grapes, the wines crafted here are out of the world and are characteristic of the heritage and culture of this place.

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