Charles Smith

Charles Smith

About Charles Smith

Charles Smith, the American expert winemaker, realised his passion and potential for winemaking only when he moved to the European continent. Throughout the early part of his career, Smith was busy managing various rock bands, including the famous Danish band of Raveonettes.  During 1999, Charles Smith met a winemaker on his road trip to California and that’s where he got the inspiration to start his own brand of wines.

Within two years, the brand of Charles Smith released over 300 cases of vintage wine into the market. There was no looking back for this brand, after this initial release.  One of the major highlights about this brand is that its founder, Charles Smith, ensures that he provides 100% respect for the traditional winemaking methods and techniques.

While the red wines undergo a reasonable maceration process of over 30 days, the white wines are filtered without undergoing the battonage process in order to retain the flavours and characters of the grapes. Thanks to the authentic taste of these wines, they have been regarded as one of the best American wines for many consecutive years.

These wines from Washington are crated in such a way that they can be drunk without any delay. They are made from the purest of grapes using very traditional methods. Some of the very popular wines from this brand are the following:

  • Kung Fu Girl – Made from Riesling grapes
  • The Velvet Devil – Made from the Merlot varietal
  • Band of Roses – A dry and crisp Rose’ wine
  • Boom Boom- Made from the Syrah varietal
  • Eve – Made from the Chardonnay varietal
  • Chateau Smith – Made from Cabernet Sauvignon grape varietal

Since Charles Smith stays rooted in the tradition of winemaking in Washington, he has been awarded the “Winemaker of the Year” award many times in the past. 

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