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Chateau Balac

About Chateau Balac

The origin and story of Chateau Balac started in the 14th century. However, the fame and name of the winery began to come up not until 1964. It got initiated with the touch and supervision of the Touchais family. In the year, Odette and Joseph Touchais, winegrowers from the Duchy of Anjou, visited the land where the estate stands today and fell in love with it. They got seduced by the exceptional forest surrounding the winery. It led them to purchase the property and work on it. They planted several grapevines and constructed additional buildings. However, over the years, both got left to ruin. 

In 1973, Joseph Touchais’ son, Luc, took over the operations and functioning of Chateau Balac. He got aided by Christine, his wife, in his endeavour. The two put in immense hard work and time to replant and restore the vineyards. Their tireless efforts gave rise to a 20-hectare parcel lying amid a 250-hectare wooded area. It allowed Chateau Balac to rediscover its vocation and place in the wine industry.

The history of Chateau Balac continued with Joseph Touchais’ grandson, Lionel. He took over the winery in 2005 after completing his oenologist studies at the University of Bordeaux. Amélie, his wife, and their two children, Joseph and Léon, joined him in his venture. Lionel’s ten years abroad allowed him to accumulate enough experience. It permitted him to give a push to the stagnant systems of Chateau Balac. 

In 2019, Amélie and Lionel began to convert the 10 hectares of vineyards of Chateau Balac. They began to implement organic farming methods and techniques. The couple did so to optimize their working style and deal the least possible damage to nature. The winery has committed to incorporating sustainable cultivation procedures and systems in all the estate’s vineyards by 2022.

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