Château Barrail du Blanc

Château Barrail du Blanc

About Château Barrail du Blanc

A famous French vineyard, known as Château Barrail du blanc, possesses the long-standing tradition and high-quality range of alcoholic drinks. Interestingly, this winery has a history including establishing it in the 19 century with owners changing and numerous changes in management but dedicated commitment towards producing high-notable wines.

Mr Pierre Leconte founded Château Barrail du Blanc Winery in 1850. Monsieur Leconte had an idea to make wines which could be taken as a reflection of Bordeau territory so he started with vineyard plantation and production of supreme quality wines.

It has been so for many years after it was founded by those die-hard wine lovers who owned the chateaux before relinquishing their property. After the death of Mr. Melle le Conte, the chateau and the wineries were sold to the famous Marquis de Boulanger in 1885 and they continued producing outstanding wines.

In the first third of the 20th century, the winery changed ownership for the second time when it was purchased by Mme. Jacqueline Durand, one of the most influential members of the trade. This led Madam Durand to incorporate more innovations in the vineyards and modernised ways of generating high quality wines with the view of improving standards.

The Barrail du Blanc Winery, which used to belong to the Dupont family has been run by them for the past few years. Under their tutelage, the winery is currently among the best wineries in the world.
The family has resorted to eco-friendly vineyard practices and contemporary technology in an effort to guard the vineyards while producing fine wines.

The vineyards situated at Château Baraill du blanc winery is located at bordeau, with its specific terroir. The area has a great weather condition which is coupled with the well composed gravelly loam soil enabling high quality grapes to be produced.

The winery takes pride in its intricate winemaking that combines traditional practices and contemporary inventions. The grapes selected are of utmost premium quality, and there are high standards applied in fermenting and aging it.

The winery of Château Barrail du Blanc has a very rich history based on passion, devotion, and determination. Starting as an inauspicious Bordeaux winery in the nineteenth century it has since come to be recognised by the international wine community for its outstanding product. Pay a visit to this fantastic winery and revel in the richness and greatness synonymous with Château Barrir du Blanc.

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