Château Bonalgue

Château Bonalgue

About Château Bonalgue

Located in Pomerol, a reputed commune and AOC, Château Bonalgue is a renowned winery well-known all over France and on the global market. Initially, it operated as Clos Bonalgue before changing its name in 1969. The winery got established in 1815 under the guidance and ownership of the Rabion family. In 1926, Château Bonalgue came under the Bourotte family. The family manages the winery to this date.

The parcels and vineyards of Château Bonalgue expand and spread over 9.41 hectares of land. 90% of the plots remain dedicated to planting grapevine varieties like Merlot, while the rest get used for Cabernet Franc. The soils of the terroirs consist of a mixture or combination of limestone, clay, and sand. On top of that, traces of gravel and iron remain present. Such a soil condition allows for the growth and development of superior grapevines, permitting them to access abundant minerals, nutrients, and water. It, in turn, enables the vines to yield and bear excellent grapes having rich taste, flavour, colour, and sweetness.

The vineyards owned and managed by Château Bonalgue remain divided into and among three different and distinct parcels. The winery follows a vine density rule of planting 6000-8000 grapevines each hectare of land. It allows each planted vine to grow adequately and deliver the desired results.

Château Bonalgue follows a strict yet beneficial vinification process. The winery performs it in stainless steel tanks or vats having temperature regulation capabilities or features. It, in turn, allows the wine estate to produce and develop wines with a rich taste, texture, aroma, and colour. Château Bonalgue’s products retain superior characteristics, elegance, and personality that appeals to numerous consumers all across the globe. On top of that, the perfect balance between tannins and acidity delivered by the wines makes them suitable for various occasions.

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