Chateau Capet-Guillier

Chateau Capet-Guillier

About Chateau Capet-Guillier

Chateau capet Guillier, France, is situated in Saint Hippolyte. This is at saint Emilion's gateway. It is a vineyard covering fifteen hectares, and it boasts some of the most emblematic grape varieties in Libourne including Malbec, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot. The Chateau Capet Guillier vines are on saint Emilion's southern side, and they get good exposure to Fronsac Molasse stone which has self-draining slopes and active limestone. There are also sandy silt soils which most winegrowers appreciate because they make management much easier. Working on Malbec and Merlot is easier on such a soul because it has low organic matter and water constraints, which means early grape maturity. Both varieties are tended and harvested with care. They are then vinified and matured in one cellar. 

Chateau Capet Guillier is a characteristic and emblematic wine from Feand crys de Saint Emilion. It is a result of the most rigorous plot selection. The history dates back to the 14th century. During this time, there were 2 important families. These were the lords of Laroque and Lords of caper. The latter lived in Chateau lassegue near saint Emilion village. Maison de Capet was first owned by the mayor who was Francois Royer. Heain Taillade, who was saint emilion Jurat, became the owner of Seigneur and Chateau Lassegue in 1763. Francois and John were his children, with Francois being the youngest. He inherited the property when his brother died. His children took over after him. 

The whole stretch was owned by the Taillade family in the 18th century. This included Chateau Lassegue and Chateau Monloty, inherited from the other children. Later, Christopher Alains granddaughter Suzanne got married to Ernest Guillier. He was Dordogne's senator at that time, and he produced the very first bottled wine. He picked the word Chateau and linked Capet and Guillier. The history continues. Eight Taillade family generations have succeeded each other in the running of Chateau Capet Guillier Four of those were female generations. Suzanne's great-granddaughter lived permanently on the property. Presently, Antoine Moueix Proprietes has taken over and is turning things around.

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