Chateau Changyu

Chateau Changyu

About Chateau Changyu

It was in 1892 that wine production in China started, thanks to the inception of the oldest and most popular Chinese wine company here, the Changyu. Today, the wine brand Changyu is famous all over the world, because it has become the biggest wine producers in Asia. Mr. Chang Bishi founded the company called Changyu in 1892 and this step created a revolution in the wine-producing market of China.

Today, Changyu produces high-quality wines along with vintage varieties for its Chinese customers who are spread all over the world.  It is the most influential wine producer in the market today as it has been dominating the sales of the Chinese wine market for the last 2 decades now. It is also regarded as the world’s leading wine brand operator as it operates a number of popular brands in its profile.

Chateau Changyu operates three, reputed, international brands – France-based Roullet-Fransac Cognac and Chateau Mirefleurs and Spain-based Marques Del Altrio. It is looking to increase its scope in the near future by bringing more brands into its kitty. Some of the wines that are produced by this company are Castel, AFIP, Golden Icewine Valley, Moser XV, Baron Balboa, Rena and Kely. Out of these the Moser XV is quite famous across the world.

The Chateau Changyu Moser XV is one of the first Chinese wines that enjoyed a grand launch in Europe. The red, white and vintage varieties of Moser XV wines are bottled in a classic style of Bordeaux bottles, which attracts all wine-lovers instantly. The white wine is made from Italian Riesling variety of grapes. 

The Chateau Changyu brand produces a unique variety of free-run wine made from crushed grapes. A special variety of “Blanc de Noirs” Cabernet Sauvignon grapes is used for making this wine and it is a must-try. 

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