Chateau De La Mirande

Chateau De La Mirande

About Chateau De La Mirande

Chateau De La Mirande is a well-known winery in the Castelnau-de-Guers commune in the coastal region of Languedoc-Roussillon in France. It runs under the ownership and supervision of renowned winemaker Joseph Albajan. He is a wine estate proprietor and vigneron, most famous for making exceptionally high-quality and delectable Picpoul de Pinet. Joseph prepares the highly sought-after white wine using high-class Piquepoul grapes. 

The vineyards and plots of Chateau De La Mirande spread over a considerably large and widespread area. The entire region encompassing the winery has superior qualities and characteristics of the soil. It is a mixture or combination type comprising limestone and clay. Such soil allows different categories and varieties of grape plants to grow and thrive. On top of that, the perfect climatic conditions of the region support the development of sturdy and robust grapevines. The parameters include wind currents, temperature, humidity, rainfall, etc. Conventionally, Chateau De La Mirande ensures its terraces are south-facing. It enables the planted grape plants, generally about 30 to 100 years old, to benefit significantly from the mentioned climatic factors. In turn, it facilitates and aids the winery in making superior wines enjoyed by numerous people all across the globe. 

Chateau De La Mirande follows suitable organic and sustainable practices in its viticulture and vinification processes. The winery is not yet certified in its methods. Nevertheless, it implements them to promote better yield and harvest. On top of that, it allows the wines to retain more flavour and be of a higher standard. Typically, all products marketed and sold by Chateau De La Mirande have a crisp finish with smooth and easy-to-drink features. In addition, they have a rich colour and deliver a complex aroma that can stimulate appetite. It allows the winery’s wines to go well with most seafood and food dishes.

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