Château de la Terrière

Château de la Terrière

About Château de la Terrière

Chateau de la Terriere is one of the historic names in the French wine industry. Located in Cercie, this beautiful wine estate faces Mount Brouilly, and is situated right in the heart of the Beaujolais region. The history of this place dates back to the 14th century, as the castle has been standing gloriously from that period onwards. For many centuries, this estate witnessed ownership of lords and dukes.

In 2003, the younger generations acquired the estate, and a lot of work has taken place in the estate’s cellar and vineyards. Today, Gregory Barbet, the 9th generation winemaker from his family, manages the estate. Apart from managing this estate, he also owns the Domaine de la Pirolette. He is supported by an expert winemaking team headed by Yoan Pitoiset, who also serves as the consulting oenologist in many other wine estates in Beaujolais.

Gamay Noir and Pinot Noir are the only two varietals produced in the vineyards of Chateau De La Terriere. The appellations where these vineyards are located are:

  • Cru Brouilly AOP – 12-hectare plot
  • Cru Regnie AOP – 5-hectare plot located in Siberie and Tour Bourdon
  • Cru Moulin-a-Vent-AOP – 1.6-hectare plot, located in Moulin a Lure (1.3 hectares) and Le Moulin (remaining 0.3 hectares)
  • Bourgogne AOP – 6-hectare plot dedicated to growing Pinot Noir

The deep and dry pink granite soils of Brouilly and Regnie are rich in minerals such as manganese, which help add to the intensity of the fruits grown on these rich terroirs. Of the total area covered by the estate’s vineyards, 6 hectare are dedicated to organic farming methods.  Hand-harvesting of the fruits, sorting the fruits neatly in bunches to avoid squashing and manual selection of fruits before they are sent to the winery for processing are some of the organic practices followed here. Minimal intervention is followed at the vineyards, and the team gives ultimate respect to spoil when planting and harvesting grapes.

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