Chateau de Meursault

Chateau de Meursault

About Chateau de Meursault

Chateau de Meursault, located in the commune of Meursault, is one of the most prominent and expansive wine estates in France’s Burgundy region. The winery comprises 35 appellations covering approximately 65 hectares of land. Among them, there are 18 premier and top-tier crus. In addition, Chateau de Meursault possesses five superior grand crus. The terroirs owned by the wine estate expand over 110 distinctive and separate plots. They stretch from Puligny-Montrachet to Corton and go via areas such as Beaune, Volnay, Savigny-Lès-Beaune, Meursault, and Pommard. 

Chateau de Meursault has an extensive history of over 1000 years in the winemaking industry. Burgundy has two original Burgundy wine estates that date back to the 11th century. Chateau de Meursault winery adopts a traditional yet modern method to the art while respecting the climate, environment, and nature. It holds quality and excellence in high regard. Such an approach gets reflected in the wines produced by Chateau de Meursault. 

Since 2002, Chateau de Meursault has implemented an organic and natural system and method of viticulture. The winery has incorporated several measures to deal with the immense and various challenges brought on by global warming in the winemaking process. For instance, Chateau de Meursault works hard to improve the biodiversity of its terroirs and soil quality. In addition, the wine estate prefers eco-friendly and agroecological practices to preserve the land’s natural characteristics for a significant time. 

The Chateau de Meursault winery changed several inner workings and processes since the new owners took over. The current proprietors of Chateau de Meursault are exceptionally passionate and knowledgeable about the winemaking craft. On top of that, they put meticulous attention and effort into the vineyards, cellars, and the vinification process. It allows Chateau de Meursault to produce some of the best wines in the Burgundy region. 

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