Chateau de Pierreux

Chateau de Pierreux

About Chateau de Pierreux

The two towers from that era that still stand today reflect the history of this old fortified estate from the 13th century. Over the decades, the chateau has undergone numerous renovations. The mansion we see now was remodelled again in the 19th century and is now used for winemaking, but its cellars originate from the first half of the 17th century. The château was frequently passed through the female line, beginning with Arthaud de la Ferrière and continuing with Charpin-Feugerolles. The Charpin-Feugerolles family resided in the chateau until 1949, when they were replaced by the Goazre de Toulgot Treanna family, who intermittently occupied it. These memories still linger in the château's rooms.

About 110 hectares of vines are located in the Brouilly region. The soil contains a mixture of flint, shale, porphyry, and sand. The vineyards, which were planted with Gamay, are undergoing significant alteration. Some measures have been taken in order for Pierreux to fundamentally rebuild the entire estate and bring out the finest in its terroir. A new growth technique for the Gamay, which was formerly cut into "goblets," is one step. The Gamay is now trained as a single barrier along wires. As a result, mechanised soil preparation is made easier and less harmful to the plant's base because the vine has grown higher. As a result, there is improved ventilation through the leaves and bunches, which reduces their chance of getting fungal diseases.

To make good wine, as is often said, one needs a decent approach to growing the grapes, and Pierreux is quite mindful of this. The entire estate has been run according to sustainable management practices since 2003. This entails treating disease prevention in the vine with controlled care. Everything is carefully examined, including the presence of illness, the population of harmful and beneficial insects present in plot ecosystems, pruning and the number of bunches, weed growth, foliage condition, etc. Each grower visits each plot in accordance with a schedule at each of the five critical stages of the growing cycle. As a result, fertiliser has not been consistently applied since 2003, and no pesticide has been administered.

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