Château de Sancerre

Château de Sancerre

About Château de Sancerre

The celebrated Chateau de Sancerre winery is buried deep in the Loire valleys. The vineyards are very famous here. It offers breathtaking vantage points for visitors and provides them with an extraordinary wine-country experience. Sustainable sustainability by its long history of more than 100 years makes it one of the most beloved places worldwide by wine lovers. Just go out there and make great memories.

The Loire Valley hosts many famous wineries, including Château de Sancerre whose beautiful scenery is filled with old houses and villages. This is an old winery dating back in hundred years ago when wine cultivation began on this spot. Louis Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle later purchased in 1874 the winery, and a new chapter began. Through expertise and vision, Lapostolle took its wines to new heights, making them famous for their character and deliciousness.

However, over a period, the winery has changed hands on its ownership. However, it has consistently been producing wines. Maison Ackermans owns Château de Sancerre; it is one of the most famous brands producing good wine both for local consumption and exportation.

There is a style of making wine that the Chateau de Sancerre winery has adopted. They practice bio-dynamic farming that uses only natural products while steering clear of harmful chemicals in the surroundings. They also use environmental energy resources and eco-friendly packaging to reduce waste.

The vineyard called Château de Sancerre is located in the Loire Valley area and has beautiful sceneries as well as a long history. This vineyard covers an area of 55 hectares, having both slopes and flats on which they grow sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, and Chasselas grapes respectively. Each grape is individually selected by careful hand at harvest time with the best possible quality in view, for use.

Château de Sancerre vineyard is responsible for making excellent quality wine by undertaking sustainable procedures.

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