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Château de Valois

About Château de Valois

The history of the Chateau de Valois wine estate can be traced back to 1862; however, the place got its name only in 1886. This estate and Chateau Leydet Valentin are run and managed by Fredric Leydet today. Both of these are the Leydet family-owned estates, and they are located in close vicinity to each other. The Chateau de Valois, especially, is spread across seven parcels of vineyard along the Pomerol Plateau. The largest of this parcel extends to just about 4 hectares.

This estate is also located quite close to other prominent wine-growing regions such as Cheval Blanc, Figeac and Angelus. Therefore, the varietals grown here, the terroirs, soils and climatic conditions of the Chateau de Valois are quite similar to what you would find in those regions. Very fine gravel, sand and iron particles can be found in the soils of this region. Like the neighbouring region, a major part of the vineyard is planted with Cabernet Franc vines.

Fredric’s father, Bernard Leydet, was the one who started bottling wines from this region during 1962. Under his able leadership, the family started buying many more hectares. By 2006, at the time of Bernard’s death, the family was the proud owner of about 8.5 hectares in Pomerol and 9 hectares in Saint Emilion. Fredrick grew up in this estate, and he had an eye for winemaking right from a young age.

After completing his graduation in oenology, he came back to work at this estate in 1996. Under his leadership, the estate witnessed some new principles introduced in the form of pruning and harvesting. Thanks to the minimal intervention and sustainable viticultural practices followed here, the vineyard was declared organic in 2012.

As part of the natural fermentation processes, the wines are made to age on lees are fermented naturally in tanks, by using a very minimal amount of sulphur at the wineries here.

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