Chateau des Antonins

Chateau des Antonins

About Chateau des Antonins

Established in the 13th century, Chateau des Antonins is a historic winery located in a region southeast of the wine region of Bordeaux. The wine estate’s name gets owed to the ‘Antonins’ monks who resided there for more than 500 years. These individuals gained their reputation across Europe by treating patients of ergotism. They used healthier foods to heal the people. In addition, the monks possess the recipe of a special and unique drink having therapeutic effects. It was a beverage developed from wine and aromatic plants and named Saint Vinage. The history of winemaking began from that time.

Today, Chateau des Antonins remains owned by the Roquefeuil family. They took over the winery during the 1850s and gradually began to plant grapevines. Their efforts allowed the vineyards to grow to cover approximately 25 hectares of land. Martine de and Geoffroy Roquefeuil had been managing Chateau des Antonins since 1985 and have toiled immensely to improve the quality of the terroir and its products. 

The vineyards owned by Chateau des Antonins remain located along the Garonne River’s left bank. The land gets divided between five-hectare and the rest 20 hectares. The first part has sandy-loam soil that provides a lifted acidity and elegance to the produced wines. It gets used for white grape varieties such as Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc. On the other hand, the latter has clay-gravel-type soil and gets utilised for Merlot, Cabernet Franc, ad Cabernet Sauvignon. It allows for a superior fruit concentration. 

Chateau des Antonins implements and practices sustainable methods and means of farming and cultivation. It allows the land and the terroirs to retain their natural attributes and qualities. It gets expressed through the high-standard wines produced by the winery. Overall, the drinks offer the perfect aroma, colour, and flavour with no room for dissatisfaction.

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