Chateau du Cartillon

Chateau du Cartillon

About Chateau du Cartillon

Chateau du Cartillon is situated in la marque France. It sits on the la marque plateau on the northern periphery near Jalle du Cartillon. It is 4 Km from the edge of the water. Chateau du Cartillon has a great history dating back to the early 19th century. Alexander de Bethman had the reigns from 1805-1870. He was Bordeaux's mayor from the year 1867-1870. The area where it is located is a hot spot, and there are some interesting properties all around where good quality wine is created. The reason why some spectacular wines are created here could have something to do with the region itself. Cussac fort Medoc and Lamarque lie between St. Julien to the north and Margaux to the south. They sit on gravel beds that are close to Gironde. This sets the bar for the varied and very broad appellation. 

Wines made at the chateau du cartillon have a complex smell and taste and deliver some of the best aromas. It is balanced and brings out notes of cacao and blackcurrant jam. The soil on which the vines are planted is of high quality and has been recognised for a long time for this. The dominant soil types here are sand and gravel. It is the soil that has given the estate such a great reputation since the 19th century. In the feret guide's first edition of 1859, the cru bourgeois was mentioned quite clearly. On the guide, the report reads that the chateau du cartillon is located on a gravely terrain that can produce some of the best wines in the area. It was awarded a brine medal decanter in 2015. The grape varieties grown here are 25 per cent petit Verdot and 75 per cent merlot. 

The vilification process involves individual plots, and it is done traditionally. The process is carried out within small stainless steel vats which are thermoregulated. Ageing is carried out within oak barrels, and the process takes twelve months. 

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