Château du Cèdre

Château du Cèdre

About Château du Cèdre

Located in the southwestern part of France in Cahors, the Chateau du Cedre wine brand has a rich history that dates back to as early as 1958. It was during this time that Leon Verhaeghe moved to Cahors from Flanders. He, along with wife, Marie-Therese and son, Charles, started viticulture in a farm in Cahors on three small plots.

The soil in the Cahors area contains a lot of calcareous bedrock and porous clay content. This is the main reason why the grapes grown here are known for their minerality. Of the three plots that were chosen for viticulture, the biggest one encompasses 12.5 hectares, and is rich in limestone content. Therefore, the wines created from grapes grown here, exhibit a rich tannin-finish. The other plots cover an area of 5.5 and 7.5 hectares respectively.

The Cahors vineyards are located in a very strategic location amidst the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and Pyrenees Sea.  Until the month of June, the area is highly influenced by the Atlantic climate, while during summers, it experiences a Mediterranean climate. Due to this, the grapes ripen naturally and the vines are well-structured and matured.

Some of the grape varietals that grow in the vineyards of Cahors are:

  • Unique & indigenous grapes such as cot, also known as Malbec or Auxerrois  - 90%
  • 5% Merlot
  • 5% Tannat
  • White varietal of Viognier – the quality of white wines produced here are almost similar to the ones that you would taste in France’s premium wine-growing area of Burgundy (grown on 1 hectare)
  • Some minor plots dedicated to other white varietals such as Semillon, Sauvignon and Muscadelle

Organic viticulture is practiced in these vineyards since 2012. The harvest time starts only when the grapes have reached the optimum ripening, thereby keeping the harvest as short as possible. 

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