Château du Gravillon

Château du Gravillon

About Château du Gravillon

In the year 1960, Georges Lavaud, a first-generation winemaker, acquired the historic wine estate of Chateau du Gravillon. Since Georges was already an agricultural consultant, he had excellent knowledge in the maintenance of vineyards, growing vines, viticultural practices and more. Today, George’s son, Hubert Lavaud manages the Chateau du Gravillon estate in the Saint Sulpice de Faleyrens commune.

This estate covers an area of 3.5 hectares. The terroirs of this place, located right in the centre of Saint Emilion, are exceptionally beautiful and fertile, lending it the much-needed intensity and balance to the fruits.  Located right next to the royal banks of the premium wine region of Bordeaux, this vineyard practices sustainable viticultural practices. The dominance of gravel soils in this vineyard is what made certain people name the site Gravillon.

The winegrowers have obtained the Level 3 certificate of Haute Valeur Environmentale program for their farming practices here. This certification is provided based on four strategies followed by winegrowers – biodiversity, conservation, plant protection and fertiliser management. The winegrowers ensure that the vines planted in the Chateau du Gravillon vineyards have a thick cover of grass crops over them, thereby minimising the use of herbicides to a large extent.  The riverbank nearby is rich in clayey soils, which helps the Gravillon vineyards retain water better than other nearby vineyards in this region.

The cool climate and the exceptional terroirs help the grapes to have a good acidic nature. These vineyards are covered with 90% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon plantations. These fruits are known for their intense, rich colour and taste. They are not only soft and fruity, but they also have silky tannins and a smooth finish. All of these characteristics are possible only because of the exceptional natural extravaganza found in the Saint Emilion region. 

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