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Château Dutruch

About Château Dutruch

Chateau Dutruch Grand Poujeaux located in Moulis-en-Médoc appellation of Bordeaux, France is a perfect manifestation of the skills of good wine-making. It is one of several well-known French vineyards that have been in control of the Dutruch family for over two hundred years and are currently being managed by their thirteenth generation of descendants. Even now they maintain their traditions of making good wines, which ignite people's passion about wine all over the world just like it was before under the leadership of Jean-Baptiste and Cécile Dutruch.

The history of the Dutruch Grand Poujeaux can be traced back to the 19th century when a trailblazing family created a winery in the picturesque village of Grand Poujeaux. The Dutruch family started by upholding the same dedication towards their craft and this culture was passed down from generation to generation with a view to preserving the old legacy as well.

Chateau Dutuch is dressed with high quality cabernet sauvignon- merlot- petit verdot grapes. These vineyards are cultivated with attention and give rise to excellent wine that bears the cru bourgeois classification attributed to this vineyard. However, it needs to be highlighted that among its range of wines, the best quality wine with cabernet sauvignon and merlot blends is Chateau Dutruch's Grand Poujaix.

The Chateau Dutruch Grand Poujeaux is famous for the various transitions of possession it has been undergoing since the past. The winery was purchased by the Cruse family and then handed over to the Lorenzetti family until 1998 when it got other owners. During their reign, they brought about remarkable changes at the winery by providing funds for upgrading equipment and improving the quality of the wine bottles. Such practices have reinforced Château Dutruch Grand Poujeaux, as the lighthouse of quality in Bordeaux.

All wine connoisseurs and critics across the globe commend the wines of Château Dutruch Grand Poujeaux. Well-known features of these wines include the elaborate outlines, intricate complexities, and perfect equilibrium in form. Notably, these bottles tell a story about how hard the winery tries while providing Dutruch family's passion for quality production of good wines with a unique terroir.

The Chateau Dutruch stands as a hallmark of the Dutruch family's dedication towards producing wine. Chateau Dutrush Grand Poujeux is an excellent and renowned brand beginning with the manicured vines to the remodelled buildings. People who fall in love with wines have always loved the quality wines that come out of the old vineyards. 

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